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Youtube Insights experiment

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By Ramsich
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by ramsich
Youtube Insights experiment

Some words

Getting insights from different services has been always fun. Since I have a youtube channel,, I always wanted to get some interesting insights from it. Some of you might think that one can get the data visualized in this article from the youtube insights tab in the video manager. Sure, but the whole idea was to have a new way of presenting it and also further more, Soon I would like to provide some insights that youtube does not provide, such as the highest mentioned keyphrase in the comments, the sentiment of the comments and also the overall sentiment of the channel based on the number of likes, dislikes and the sentiment of each video comments.


So now Lets see the visualizations.

1. View count of videos

This is basically the view count of each video sorted. Youtube does not directly provide you with this data. Rather, you should do one call to fetch the videos and then for each video, you should do another call. Therefore it could get expensive, therefore I limit the video call to 20. I only have 10 videos!

View count of youtube videos sorted

2. Like count of videos

Like count of youtube videos

3. Comment count of videos

Comment count of youtube videos

To be continued

After this experiment, I would like to get the top keyphrases within the videos and also find the sentiment of the comments, so, stay tuned!

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