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Christmas gift to the community, Merry Christmas

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By Ramsich
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by ramsich
Christmas gift to the community, Merry Christmas

During the course of December 2015, I have put so much effort to share my knowledge, provide feedback and make tutorials for the community and now I want to give it all as my Christmas gift to the community to thank for all the feedbacks, helps and supports that I got.

This effort resulted in a brand new user interface kit, 6 video tutorials and one text tutorial. My plan is to continue delivering values while getting feedback, support and love from the community. Enjoy.

RS UI kit 0.1

This is the start of an effort to create yet another cool UI toolkit that you can use in building your user interfaces. check it out at:

Video tutorials

I have started by css tutorials and plan to expand them to javascript and then full stack applications.

Step progress bar

In this tutorial pseudo elements, “+” selector and css counter is discussed.

Vertical timeline

In this tutorial pseudo elements plus a bit of design perspective has been applied to get a wonderful vertical timeline that can be used in notification panels, comment systems, etc.

Customized HTML checkboxes

Subjectively, I believe the standard checkboxes can look way cooler and this tutorial shows how to style them so that they look cool.

Advanced Toggle Switch

This element is used by google, facebook and is part of almost all mobile UI frameworks.

Customized range selector

This tutorial shows the maximum you can do using css to style a range input selector. Pseudo elements :before :after :nth-child(n), transition, “+” selector, css counter, appearance, input::-webkit-slider-thumb has been introduced.

Responsive menu using media queries

This tutorial shows the techniques on how you can create responsive menu for admin and dashboard interfaces using media queries.

and Finally I have started writing tutorials as complements to video tutorials after getting lots of feedback about it.

Media queries explained.

Merry Christmas and have a wonderful new year.

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