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4 css buttons animated

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By Ramsich
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by ramsich
4 css buttons animated

Css tranform and transition are powerful css properties to create animations and as long as we do not overdo it, we can enhance the user experience using them in our interfaces and websites. Following are 4 of the examples of cooler buttons that are animated using css.

1. Share this animation

See the Pen Animated button 4 by ramsich (@ramsich) on CodePen.

2. Side sliding button animation

See the Pen Animated button 1 by ramsich (@ramsich) on CodePen.

3. Side sliding button animation 2

See the Pen Animated button 2 by ramsich (@ramsich) on CodePen.

4. Top sliding button animation

See the Pen Animated Button 3 by ramsich (@ramsich) on CodePen.

One important thing to note is that It is a good practice to use css transform instead of transitioning properties such as left, top, margin. The reason is that if we use them the page document object model needs to be rendered by the browser on every frame of the animation which is not optimised. So try to use transformations to achieve the same effects.

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